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What's your genius?

I believe that we all have a 'genius file' just waiting to be downloaded. The rare gift of your unique genius can be defined as something special that only you can bring forth into the world; a realization of your life-purpose that brings you a sense of fulfillment, peace and ease. Your genius download can feel within reach and at the same time, also incredibly difficult to fully comprehend. On some level, we know it’s there, but something is interfering with our ability to receive it fully into our lives and express our genius into the world.

I've spent the better part of the last two years trying to figure out what I have that's worthy of bringing into the world. I sat for a long time wondering what it was that I could do that would both continue to challenge me and use me in a way that the world needs. I've decided to pursue a professional coaching certification from SeattleCoach and I really feel like things are lining up in support of this decision.

I had a hard choice to make. What does this mean to my art? Could I find a way to bring my love of art and my new coaching work together in one? I'm still working on finding new ways to do this, but I think I'm getting closer. The Living Art Journal is one way that I'm doing this. As I continue to pursue the coaching certificate, I'm doing a great deal of reading along the way as well as listening to podcasts from some of the greatest coaches and thought leaders out there. It's been an amazing journey.

But, enough about me, what does this mean for you? As I'm working on my own journey, I'll continue to post these short blogs that help me articulate the things I'm thinking about. My hope is that you will find nuggets of information that illuminate new possibilities for your life. And soon, I'll have a new website set up where you can book coaching sessions with me to discuss things that you want to got deeper on. Maybe you're feeling restless in your current job and wonder what you could do? Or, your business needs a fresh approach but you're not sure what that means? Or, you honestly feel stuck and unable to move out of fear that you won't succeed. Whatever you're feeling, I'm a trained coach who can help you move through these challenges and download your genius file. The world needs us all to be working at the genius level and I'm committed to brining you to that point!!

Until next time, thanks so much for joining me on this journey. I'm so excited about the possibilities in front of us!! Feel free to reach out to me directly at if you have any questions or want to dig a little deeper on these topics. I always welcome hearing from my readers.



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