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Redacted Love Story

Do you have a love story in your past with the names redacted? Maybe you don't want anyone to know that this person was part of your life, or maybe you want to forget the past and scratch their name forever from your memory. Chances are, you probably do have a love story from your past that you would like to leave there.

But what about the love story of you? Have there been times when you've redacted yourself from your story? Maybe you put other people's needs ahead of your own. You put the oxygen masks on others before you put your own on, and you suffered. Does this sound familiar? Or, maybe you held back from asking for something that you needed or earned. It can come from a place of fear or a sense of unworthiness. Either way, you probably know what it feels like to forget to love yourself. I'm here to remind you to write yourself back into your own personal love story! Especially as we head into Valentine's Day, remember to take good care of your needs and don't be afraid to put yourself first. Put your mask on first and you will be better able to take care of those around you.

Here's to letting your light shine for everyone else to enjoy!



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