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What does it take to change?

The sky this morning felt like winter had taken a big inhale, pushing the clouds higher and breaking them apart enough for sunlight to come through. The sky felt so expansive, and it reminded me of what I'm doing in my own life to expand. Even with frost on the ground, there were definite signs of spring -- a bit more light each day, robins in the trees and little shoots poking through the soil. It felt good to be out and leaning into the shifts that are coming.

I've been reading about positive psychology and neuroscience, and I've formed a belief that humans are at a fundamental evolutionary shift into new brain functions that will serve us in the future and secure our ability to survive and thrive. This shift must be to a positive mindset, bodyset, and soulset. I'm creating a workshop designed to move us out of the negative, limiting beliefs we have living inside of us and into our true genius and manifest conscious luck that supports our gifts. While it’s important to understand that our limiting beliefs have the best intentions of keeping us alive, it's time to put them into retirement and adopt new forms of believing in what’s possible. That’s where the workshop and the exercises within it will begin this magical process within you!

I'm currently testing the model myself, and with some generous friends and I hope to have it available soon. It really started with the notion that New Year's resolutions have never worked for me and vision boards didn't really result in sustained changes that manifested into reality. I started looking into what might be missing from these tactics and I believe that it's due to unconscious, limiting beliefs that get in the way. Gay Hendricks (author of The Big Leap, The Genius Zone and about 40 other books) calls this the 'Upper Limit Problem'. As I gained understanding of these challenges, I used my years of experience designing workshops for large corporations and created exercises to not only see your upper limits, but do the work to dismantle them and expand into a bigger, more fulfilling life! It's been a lot of fun to do this work with friends and there have been more than a few refinements along the way. I intend to launch this by the end of 2022. Until then, I'll keep posting my thoughts along the journey.

I'll leave you with a few questions to ponder. Are you looking for meaning in your life but aren't sure where to start? Is there something you really want to do but something keeps getting in the way? Do you dream of a life that seems lighter and less of a struggle? If so, you might be a perfect candidate for the workshop. Stay tuned for updates!

Sending my thoughts for expanding into your life and manifesting your dreams.



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