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Welcome to The Living Art Journal

Welcome to the Living Art Journal where I share with what I've gathered along the way -- the lessons I've learned both personally and from others. The practice of art journaling has been transformational for me and deeply personal. Here, you'll get to peek inside my journal as I sort out ideas, find inspiration and continue on my path. Over the past fifteen years I've deconstructed and reconstructed the life I knew I was meant to live -- and now, I want to share my stories and what I've learned along the way.

If we haven't met, my name is Ann and I am a transformational life coach and I am here to serve you on your journey. Subscribe for more Living Journal posts and I'll take you on the journey of my transformation and you might see some of your own challenges relfected in my experiences. The photos I post are from my art journal and I believe art has the ability for us to access our deepest emotions and is a universal language where words can't quite tell the story. See you soon!



Page 1 - Hello -This is the Living Art Journal. In this book, I will share my ideas, inspiration, thoughts and leanings. I feel like my story needs to be told. My reason is to inspire others and offer hope that no matter where your are, there are real possibilities to expand your life and create. XOXO Ann

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